Services specialising in custom cabinets in Sydneys North, the North West and more

Scott Burrows Cabinet Making design, construct  and install quality custom cabinets

If you want something unusual, unique, and built to your own taste, come and talk to us about your ideas today. We can build custom cabinets to match the look you're after or if you are not sure of exactly what you are after we can guide you and advise what would suit you best.

Around the home

From the kitchen to the bedroom, the bathroom or the garage, if you need storage, cabinets, cupboards or furniture that is a one-off or custom built to fit a particular place or purpose, then you can trust us to create quality pieces that are exactly what you have in mind.

Complete office fit-outs

Whether you are renovating your existing office or building a new one, we can provide a complete fit-out of desks, cupboards, bookcases, professional boardroom furniture, and even kitchen furnishings.

Purpose-built furniture

If every store is selling the same items when all you want is something that is unique and one-of-a-kind, or something to fit snugly into your home then let us design and craft your piece of furniture to exactly fit the place where it will sit in your home.

Specialising in custom cabinets, we can design the furniture you need to complete your home.

Materials and Finishing

We design and build cabinets to the specifications that you want.  We can use all types modern materials or if you prefer we can construct units from most types of timber. 

Constructing a cabinet is only half the process and we specialise in finishing the units to what you specifically need.  We can match the colour to any colour or shade that you may want only using the best industrial sprayed finishers. 

We design and install your cabinets